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Online GOLDEN Lecture/Demo: Mixed Media

See details below to be placed on a waiting list

An online event for all levels and backgrounds; from painters, collage, mixed media, fiber to sculptural artists……ideas for all! This presentation covers a wide variety of techniques for use in a wide range of media. Learn about GOLDEN Acrylic Paints, Mediums, Gels, Pastes and Grounds. Gain an understanding of each product and their different attributes. Learn what to put under paint, and how to create washes, stains, and collage. We also cover the use of stencils, paint markers, pastels, and pencils, as well as the creation of encaustic-like effects.
Instructor will demonstrate hands-on techniques using these products.
Online details & links will be sent to you via email prior to the event.

Maple Valley Creative Arts Council (Hosting)
APR 18, 1-3
Contact for registration: to be placed on the waiting list.

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