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Click on the image above to view Summer's audition video.

Hi there! I am Summer Bella Woods, 14years old. I live here in Maple Valley, WA. I am a Freshman at Tahoma High School.  I have loved signing and performing for as long as I can remember. I’ve really enjoyed learning to play the piano, and just started wright my own songs. Creating music for others to enjoy is becoming such a wonderful lifelong journey. I want to thank my Mom and Dad for their unconditional support and my teacher Dr. Jessi Jumper for her guidance and always helping me create beautiful music. Thank you all – Love Summer Woods


Click on the image above to view Lauren's audition video.
Lauren Mallery is 15 years old and a sophomore at Tahoma High School! Growing up she has always had a love for music! In the midst of a back injury, which took her out of soccer and basketball, she pursued her passion for music. She started taking voice lessons at Voice in the Valley and began her journey of teaching herself how to play guitar. Lauren loves spending her time hanging out with her family, going on coffee dates with her friends, hiking with her dogs, baking, listening to worship music, participating in youth group, and playing soccer! She is very grateful to have another year in Maple Valley Idol Junior! Lauren hopes you enjoy her song!



Click on the image above to view Meredith's audition video.

Meredith Baker is a 10-year old who enjoys singing, dancing and all aspects of performing. Currently Meredith is a member of the Dance Expressions dance team, Expressline, and dances at multiple events in the area including Maple Valley Days and the Puyallup Fair.  Last year, Meredith performed in the Tahoma High School Production of Les Miserable and joined the cast in performing on the 5th Ave stage for the 5th Ave Awards. She would love to thank her parents, grand-mom, brothers Wyatt and Benjamin, and sister Caroline for their support and love.

Congratulations to ALL! 

Each of you displayed such positivity, bravery, and talent! You blew us all away with your ability to embrace this online platform with ease and rose to the unusual challenge. It was so much fun to watch each of your unique performances and see all of the positive comments from your fans! We will do everything we can to ensure this year's winners will be highlighted and afforded as many performance opportunities as we can possibly provide.



2019 Winner


Click HERE or on the image above to view Kaiya's latest performance.

Kaiya is very excited and honored to be returning to Maple Valley Idol Junior as the 2019 winner!  Kaiya is 13 years old and in 7th grade at Summit Trail Middle School. Her favorite subjects are Language Arts and choir.  She loves to write, play and produce inspirational songs. When she is not singing she is hanging out with friends and family.  Kaiya would like to thank her family and friends for their unending support and love! She wishes all of the talented contestants the best of luck!


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