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2020 website - about us

Dear MVCAC Community, 

The Maple Valley Creative Arts Council stands with the BlackLivesMatter movement and all who are calling for immediate, collective action to end the systemic racism and inequity entrenched in our communities. 

MVCAC is dedicated to lifting every voice. We strive for inclusivity in order to serve all members of our community and as such do not condone violence or discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, physical/mental/emotional ability, religion, ethnicity, or race. We believe art has the power to connect us more deeply to people unlike ourselves and create a new respect, recognition, and appreciation of what makes each person uniquely extraordinary and alike at the same time. MVCAC provides a safe, respectful and welcoming space and numerous events in our community for the expression of diverse voices. 

We see the Arts as one of many pillars of safety, inclusion, diversity and democracy for our community.As an organization that believes in the power of the Arts to shine a bright light on the terrible truths of our behavior – individually and collectively – we recognize we have work to do. 

MVCAC is dedicated to continually breaking down systemic inequity. However, this task is too monumental for us to take on alone. We are all responsible. Systemic racism undermines our society and putting an end to it will require all citizens to work together — with the active support of dedicated community and government leaders. 

Every community. Every person. We must all step forward and actively foster new social structures built on inclusion, justice and mutual respect. 

Yours in unity, 

The Maple Valley Creative Arts Council Board of Directors


Our Mission

To Promote and support the Arts in our community and schools, being a source of inspiration and education thereby enhancing the quality of life for everyone.

Our Values

- Creating Opportunities

- Providing Access

- Inclusivity

- Supporting One Another

- Collaboration

Our Vision

To serve the creative needs of our community by providing access to the Arts through inclusive opportunities. To do this, MVCAC's current strategic plan is to build awareness, grow capacity, and increase fundraising.

Our Team

Mary Jane Glaser
Jessi Jumper

Ed Corrigan
Performing Arts Director
Ken Fox
Technical Director
Jaimie Li
Board Member

Malorie Spreen
Board Member
Brenda Chrystie
Executive Director
Jennifer Hailey
Art Walk

2019 Annual Report

2019 annual report

Our History

In Maple Valley

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